Welcome to Nagaservice Online Shopping Store !

1.   Who can sell at Nagaservice?

A. Anyone selling new and genuine products.

    Registration is Free of cost.

    You can Upload Unlimited Products to sell free of cost.

    You pay just a little commission only if you sell your Products.

    (Commission fee detail is available at the bottom of the page)

*** Can’t sell your Products?? OR Want to increase your sales??

      Worry Not!! We have an expert team who can help you increase to sell your products!!

      Just Contact us @6009525445 for more details.


2. How can I become a seller and start selling products at Nagaservice?

A. To become a seller at Nagaservice,

   Go to our website: www.nagaservice.com.

   At the Bottom right side of the homepage, click on “Become a vendor” button and fill all required details. 

   And wait for your documents verification and approval.

3. What are the documents required to register in Nagaservice?

A.    The following documents required to register are:

      ·    GST Certificate or Trade License (during registration)

      ·    PAN Card or Aadhar Card or Voter Id or Driving licence (during registration)

      ·    Bank account details (after registration)

        ·    Minimum of 1 unique product to sell (after registration)

## For Local Entrepreneurs who does not have proper documents, Contact us and we will assist you.

4. Don’t have GST?

A. Worry not. We will let you use our GST no. for filing and paying tax to the government. 

   Just contact us for more details (Only for Local Entrepreneurs).


5. Does seller file GST?

A. Yes, it is the duty of seller to file GST for their products sold through Nagaservice.


6. What is TCS?

A. TCS (Tax Collected at Source) of 1% shall be deducted from every selling made by sellers. The sellers can claim the amount from GSTR-2A from your registered GST a/c (collect tax only on net value of taxable supplies).


7. How to upload product images by Sellers?

A. Click your product images at decent white background. You can add multiple images of your product but kindly maintain its size below 1mb in total. Also be aware that you cannot randomly download product images from internet and use it due to copyrights. So download no copyright images only (Contact us for any support). 

8. What if the weight and dimension is entered wrongly by seller?

A. If the weight and dimensions are much lesser than the actual as updated by the seller, then the extra delivery charges shall be borne by the seller instead of customer.


9. Which item cannot be sold by sellers?

A. Prescription drugs, Alcohol, Guns, Tobacco, fast food, fresh fruits, meat or vegetables, illegal items etc.


10. Can I offer both products and services on Nagaservice?

A. Yes, you can offer both products and services on Nagaservice.

 # What is Services at Nagaservice?

   A. It’s a Free platform to provide Contact details of the services we may require,

      Like Electrician, Plumber, Car Rental, Ac installation, Tv & Fridge repair, Home Cleaning service, Beauty & Spa,

    Home tutor, Internet service, Recovery van, Cesspool, Etc.

    (Contact us for free registration Or inform us if you know any)

11. Do I need to courier my products to Nagaservice?

A. No, Nagaservice will handle shipping of your products. All you need to do is pack the product and keep it ready for dispatch. Our delivery team will pick up the product from you and deliver it to the customer.

  (Any damaged products or Fraud cases shall be strictly dealt)


12. Who decides the price of the products?

A. As a seller, you will set the price of your products.  


13. Will I get charged for listing products on Nagaservice?

A. No. Listing of products on nagaservice.com is absolutely free. Nagaservice does not charge anything for listing your catalogue online. You pay a small commission only if you sell.


14. How and when will I get paid?

A. The payment will be made directly to your bank account. Nagaservice will settle your payments within 7-15 business working days based on your seller tier.


15. When can I start selling?

A. After approval of your registration, you can start listing your products and start selling.

(Kindly mention clearly in your product description whether your Product is Refundable Or can Exchange)


16. How many listings are required to start selling?

A. You are required to have a minimum of 1 listing (unique products) to start selling on nagaservice.


17. What if the Seller doesn't packed or arrange the Ordered products within 24 hours after customer payment?

A: The seller will be charged 100% commission fee by Operator even if the product is not dispatched.

  (Note: Seller fee shall be levied if your listed product is cancelled due to “Out of Stock”, therefore enter your product quantity correctly and DeActive your products when out of stock from your vendor dashboard available under Manage my product” section)

18. How to add your Products?

A.  After Admin Approval, go to our website: www.nagaservice.com, then click on “Become a vendor”.

On the upper right corner click on Login button, then enter your Email id and    password.

On the left dashboard panel, click on “Product Master”.

Then click on “Add New Product”.

Select your Product Category and Sub Category list.

Name means your product name

Price means MRP of your product

Price show means Final price after discount

Short description means explain your product details in short

Long description means explain your product details in brief

Then click on Submit button for admin Approval.

19. How to add product variant & Quantity?

A. Even if you add products, it will show Out of Stock unless you Add product variant & quantity of your Products.


   Therefore, follow the steps to add your product Variant & quantity:

   Under the Product Master click on “Product variant”.

     Select the Product category, Sub category and Product that you have uploaded.

     In “Variant name”, Enter ml or litre, gram or kg, small or medium or large etc as per your Product.  

     Then Fill the both amount as entered while adding your product.

     Click on “Submit” to save it.


     Under the Product Master click on “Manage my Product

     Select Product category, Sub category and Product that you have uploaded.

     In Product variant add your product quantity, tick in the box and click Submit button.

20. What is Sellers fee for selling products?

A. We Charge a nominal percentage only if you sell your products. Kindly refer the table below:



Commission (in %)


Farming and Gardening



Daily Essentials






Medical Equipment



Tools and Hardware






Men Fashion



Women Fashion






Lights and Lighting






Vehicle and Accessories



Sports and Entertainments



Beauty and Personal Care



Travel and Luggage



Home & Kitchen



Wedding and Events



Bags, Shoes, and Accessories



Baby Products



Mobiles and Computers



Jewellery and Watches



Outdoor Fun



Kids Clothing






Pet supplies




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